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Research and Development

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Core Advantages

AnchorViola® Library Preparation Technology for Somatic Mutation Detection
AnchorIRIS® Library Preparation Technology for DNA Methylation Profiling
AnchorMonarch® DNA Methylation Analysis Software

Scientific Research

Thunder Project
Angel-2 Program
Multicenter Clinical Study on Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Bladder Cancer by DNA Methylation


Multiple research findings were published in Journal of Clinical Investigation, an internationally renowned academic journal, and NPJ Breast Cancer, a sub-journal of Nature (CAS Q1), etc.

About Us

AnchorDx, established in 2015, is a pioneer of applying ctDNA high-throughput methylation sequencing technology in early detection of tumors in China. Focusing on two major lines: "a tube of blood" and "a tube of urine", AnchorDx has developed products covering more than 70% of high-incidence cancers, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, digestive system cancer and urinary system cancer, throughout the process of early cancer screening, early diagnosis, recurrence monitoring and companion diagnostics.

30 years
Nearly 30 years of experience
in technology development
Cover more than 70%
of high-incidence cancers
More than 100,000
people benefited